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The green roof of Europe

Three countries, three cultures, one journey: the border region Lower Bavaria – South Bohemia – Pilsen has a lot to offer. Explore diverse landscapes, beautiful hiking trails and unique adventures. With our interactive map, you can plan both a short day trip and a longer journey by bus and train in the best possible way – for a stress-free experience. Have fun!

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Nature or rather a culture? You can combine your favourite attractions with a little bit of planning. We have collected the most beautiful destinations in the region Lower Bavaria – South Bohemia – Pilsen for you. Let us inspire you.

Lakes & other natural heritage

Großer Arbersee Glacial lake

Prášily Glacial lake

Laka Glacial lake

Black lake Glacial lake

Devil's lake Glacial lake

Vltava Reservoir - the largest Czech reservoir

Bavarian Forest National Park - the oldest German national park

Buchberger Leite in Freyung

Hochfall waterfall near Bodenmais

Šumava National Park - the largest Czech national park

Boubín primeval forest - the most famous Czech primeval forest

Povydří in Antýgl Nature trail

Tříjezerní slať Peat bog near Modrava

Zwiesel City Park

Mountains & lookout towers

Dreisesselberg (1333m)

Great Arber (1456m)

Great Falkenstein (1315m)

Great Osser (1293m)

Great Rachel (1452m)

Lusen (1373m)

Plöckenstein (1379m)

Silberberg near Bodenmais (955m)

Boubín Observation tower (1362m)

Haidel Observation tower (1167m)

Pancíř Observation tower (1214m)

Poledník Observation tower (1315m)

Svatobor bei Sušice Observation tower (845m)

Zadov Observation tower (1109m)

Castles, palaces and museums

Finsterau Open Air Museum

Frauenau Glass Museum

Hunting Land River Museum in Wolfstein Castle in Freyung

Kašperk Castle

Velhartice Castle

Kunžvart Castle ruin at Strážný

The Vimperk Castle

Klatovy Catacombs

Železná Ruda Environmental Center

Animal enclosures & zoos

Lohberg Bayerwald Zoo

Animal enclosure and the Wilderness House in the Falkenstein national park center

Animal enclosure in the Lusen national park center

Visitor center, nature trail and animal enclosure near Kvilda

Nature trail and animal enclosure near Srní

Other interesting places

Kubova Huť - the highest Czech railroad station (995m)

Kvilda - the highest Czech village (1065m)

Bavarian Forest National Park

Let nature be nature. Every year, Germany’s oldest national park attracts countless visitors to the Bavarian Forest. A wildly romantic hilly landscape, a unique diversity of nature and special hiking trails provide pure enthusiasm for young and old. Explore diverse hiking trails, mountain peaks and high moors or visit the animal enclosure and the longest treetop trail in the world.

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Šumava National Park/Bohemian Forest

Granite, gneiss and mica schists make Šumava National Park/Bohemian Forest one of the oldest mountain ranges in Europe, stretching along the southwestern border with Germany and Austria. Wild moors, glacial lakes and rivers provide great adventures in unspoilt wilderness. Hiking, biking or rather a canoe tour? Šumava has a variety of options for every preference.

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Bike tours in the border area

You can also explore the border region Lower Bavaria – South Bohemia – Pilsen on a bike. Diverse bike routes for every level are waiting for you. In the interactive map you will find e-bike-charging-stations, repair shops and rental locations.
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